6th September 2019.

The project launching and signing of Memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Mansakonko Area Council in partnership with Reliance financial services held on the 6th of September 2019 in the Council premises.

The overall objective is to promote good governance, Community development and the integration and mainstreaming of the Communities in to national development initiatives.

The Reliance financial services women finance is geared to uplift the livelihood of women in the Gambia, and has expanded many businesses in LRR. In line with that, three hundred and fifty women has being reached by Reliance financial services in Lower River Region .

The initiative will take advantage of the economic and business opportunities, and it will also create jobs and wealth to alleviate poverty.

In similar engagement, a cheque of fifty thousand dalasi (D50, 000) has being handed over to GAYE NYORO by the Mansakonko Area Council to provide skills training to the young people of LRR and the Council has given them a place to conduct the skills training under the leadership of Chairman Landing B. Sanneh and the CEO Mr. Paa Sait Ceesay