Official handing over of state of Earth conference center, accommodation facility and a Car park from Gamworks to the Mansakonko Area Council. The contract allows for a maintenance period of 365 Calendar days minimum. The 15 million project is constructed by Appropiate Technology construction and the 4 million dalasi project Car park is constructed by Alieu Jallow construction company.
The Chairman Mr. Landing B. Sanneh, The CEO Mr. Paa Sait Ceesay, The Governor LRR Mrs. Rohey John Manajng, Seyfolu, Councilors, TAC Members, the Director of good Governance Mrs. Fatou Gibba, WDCs, the vice Chairman Rural Development institute Mr.Ousman Sonko,The MP of Jarra West Kajali Fofana, the Director of Planning and Development Lamin LM. Marri, Gamworks Representative Seedy Ndow, the Director of finance Mr. Bai Gibbi Sallah, the Vice Chiarman Almamo AK. Ceesay, the Admin officer Mr. Buwa Kinteh, the Youth Rep Mr. Karim Y. Darboe all grace the occasion.
The staff and management of the Council are very grateful for all you for attending this remarkable occasion despite your busy schedules. As the Council is celebrate another remarkable achievement in the history of Mansakonko Area Council, the Chairman and the CEO have assured the gathering that many development projects is on the pipeline for the region in particular and the nation at large.
The Admin officer of the Council Mr Buwa Kinteh was the moderator of the ceremony.